With the Iphone as consolation.

Amanda Forssblad

I’m sitting outside The Cultural Workshop in Gothenburg an evening in September, the year is 2011 and the sun has gone down over the harbor. Here at the outdoors café, on a small white van, films from the film curator program at The School of Film Directing are being shown. And there under a fleece blanket among the LPG-heaters I’m sitting when my friend Reza calls. He’s in the stairway of the Sollentuna municipality office. He’s helped Nodira carry her stuff there; she’s in his Swedish class for foreigners. She and her daughter Sabrina have been evicted this evening. Reza asks me to call Aktuellt (Swedish news program) or TV4. I answer him that they probably won’t show up for that kind of news. Then Reza decides to film himself.

Starring: Nodira och Sabrina
Photo: Reza Koohestani