The School of Film Directing is nothing. It is just a place with editing rooms and halls a studio and a cinema. Just stuff. Cameras. Some computers. Lights. A school is nothing without it’s people their visions and ideas.

Distinct ideas about film have characterized the schools pedagogy during these first fifteen years. The possibility to use new digital equipment that actually brings forth new stories. A will to complicate seeing and make the image into something more than just esthetics – a gaze. A clear perspective – that of viewing individuals as part of their society. A strive for verity, reality, authenticity, credibility and thus the responsibility that comes towards that which is rendered verity. But also ideas that film is close the dream in its form. Or memory. A sense of time.

For The School of Directing’s 15th birthday 2012 we got together a small committee and tried to find a defining theme to represent that, which had been of interest from the school. It couldn’t be done. Even though the students who have studied at The Film School of Directing the first fifteen years have passed through the same corridors and been taught a similar pedagogy they are above all individuals. Maybe The School of Film Directing’s primary hallmark is cultivating unique visions and expressions. So instead of trying to squeeze out a common denominator for this anthology we’ve let former and current students make a claim about film. Overlook their processes or tell us about their realities. And thus we’ve let it grow from within.

Jonas Eskilsson - editor