About the Love for a Tool

Anders Hazelius

The camera is a tool. Therefore it's only purpose should be being used practically.

The love for the camera should not be romanticized or tender. The love for the camera should be sturdy, faithful and unconditional. The distance to the camera should be at an arm's length and the step to push the rec-button should be nonexistent.

A director who doesn't own a camera should be put into question. Also a director who talks more about the technical specifics of cameras than about what he's filmed.

I think the use of a camera always falls within the realms of exploration. Never within the definitive. An image asks more questions than it answers. That's why it's so well suited for studying the world and the people in it. It increases our interest in each other.

About editing.

When preparing for my latest film I made a pilot study with actors. It was a way for me to show the hard-to-get funders the warm relationship which my film was focused upon and get a chance to work with the actors before the shooting started.

We worked completely without a script. I shot it and put mics on the actors. The technical and logistic simplicity made this little pilot study a playful and time-efficient process.